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This program helps you stay connected with AOL Mail and chat on AIM
Guest — 6 months ago
Have been using aol since it began. use it because of the web page icon system and the easy to use email system. Lately the email system handles two emails and freezes. 80 or 90 seconds for it to catch it's breath and begin to run again. new computer, 8 gigs of memory. ...........and................Java tells be the aol browser is google chrome which fights java all day long. Please let me know about these two issues. If this is as as good as it gets these days on aol, it's time for me to leave.
Angela Grant Giles — 7 months ago
It's one of the better AOL versions.
Ronald Smith — 2 years ago
Praise the Lord! I have been using AOL9.5 since it came out and I prefer using it over other browers. Thank you for your service. Have a nice life with Jesus. Jesus loves you, I love you also. A friend in Jesus. Ron
Guest #17554879 — 5 years ago
mikebik — 8 years ago
Diane Steele — 8 years ago
Love Aol and really miss it but we can't get fast Internet through them and had to go with
Captanblue — 8 years ago
Personally I have just never been a fan of AOL
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